A unique combination of dishes inspired by Mediterranean, Portuguese and Brazilian cuisine with fresh ingredients.




Bean Broth


Pinto Stew

Served with Cassava, Chicken Breast, Corn and Cheese



Small Corn Flakes Stewed with Pork


Beer Prawns

Beer steamed shrimp


Mazal76 Chicken Wings


Buttered Cassava with Dried Salted Meat


3 Mini Brazilian Fried Pastry

Meat, Cheese and Chicken


5 Mini Coxinhas

Cassava Pastry, Chicken and Cheese


Strips Tilapia with Special House Sauce


Frozen Prawns Strogonoff

Avocato Tartare and Prawns


Green Both


Codfish Bites

Traditional Portuguese Pastry


Steak Strips with Cassava

Rump, Pepperoni, Onion and Sausage



Bolognese on the Tip of the Knife

Slow Cooked Tomato Sauce with Chopped Rump Steak served with Grana Padano


Spaghetti Carbonara a la Mare

Sautéed Spaghetti in Butter and Herbs, Grilled Pancetta, Prawns served with Chef's Sauce and Grana Padano


Rump Steak Tagliatelle

Sautéed Tagliatelle in Butter and Herbs served with Chopped Rump Steak, Dijon Sauce and Grana Padano


Main Courses

Polvo a Lagareiro

Grilled Octopus served with Mix Vegetables


Bacalhau no Forno

Grilled Salt Codfish served with Mix Vegetables and Potato


Tilapia ao Limone

Grilled Filet of Tilapia served with Exotic Risotto and Moqueca Sauce​


Bobó de Camarão Especial

Served with Rice, Prawns, Salad and Cassava Root


Fish and Prawn Moqueca

Served with Rice, Pirao and Salad


Mazal76 Picanha

Served with Rice, Tropeiro Beans, Fried Banana and Salpicao


Ossobuco Traditional Dish of Lombardy

Served with Veal Knucle, Mashed Potatoes, Rice and Salad


Mazal76 Steak and Fried Eggs

Served with Rice, Mineiro Beans, Fried Cassava, Fried Banana, Farofa and Salad


Dried Salted Beef Shepherd's Pie

Served with Rice and Salad


Brazilian Traditional Feijoada

Served with Rice, Farofa, Cabbage, Vinaigrette and Orange


Steak Parmigiana

Served with Rice, Creamy Mashed Potatoes and Salad


Chicken with Okra

Served with Rice, Mineiro Beans, Green Corn Angu and Salad


Chicken with Pequi

Served with Rice, Pirao, Salad


Mazal76 Galinhada

Served with Brazilian Saffron Rice and Chicken



Holy Picanha Burger

Homemade Picanha Burger, Gouda Cheese, Salpicon Crust and Dijon Sauce


Chicken Leg Burger

Chicken Leg Burger, Choriso Crispy and Gouda Cheese


Lamb Burger

Homemade Lamb Burger, Melted Bried Cheese and Rosemary Sauce



Mazal Signature Cheesecake

Peanuts Crumbs, Cream Cheese, Guava Chuntney


Mazal Special

Milk Pudding served with Açai Ice Cream


Creamy Sweet Rice


Brazilian Pudding


Brazilian Caramel Milk with Cheese


Pineapple Pave


Romeo and Juliet

Cheese with Guava


Lemon or Passion Fruit Mousse


Bottle Juices

Various Flavors


Soft Drinks

Coca Cola

















Maritini Bianco/Rossi





Half Pint


Corona Long Neck


Heineken Long Neck


Sagres Long Neck


Budweiser Long Neck



French Fries


Sweet French Fries


Cassava Fries


Small French Fries


Extra Rice


Extra Beans


Extra Egg


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